Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2008

Chuck Norris winning pool billard

Wednesday, May 30th 2008

Another slow morning. Bear and OP spent quite some time on the patio (p.a.t.i.o. - Bear is in love with that word) talking about life and God - literally.
In the afternoon they made their way back to downtown Fort Worth to walk around the other part of it. Bear needed to see the court house which is always in the opening scene of the TV-series "Walker Texas Ranger". Actually Bear wanted to see some real Texas Rangers but OP told Bear that it was more likely to see Chuck Norris himself than a Texas Ranger... Bear saw neither. Only the court house.

Check out Chuck Norris facts in German and in English. - Enjoy!!

Bear and OP wandered around a bit in that area and again Bear wondered where all the people were. Deserted streets. Very rarely a car and here and there one could spot a person. It seemed as if they themselves were not sure if they were allowed to walk on the streets or not. Ok, it was Wednesday afternoon, so people might have been at work, but hey, everywhere else in the world one would still see other people out on the streets. Not in Fort Worth. Fort Worth is deserted.

OP took Bear to a bar which some time ago used to be a different place where OP once played with his band. It does look a bit posh now, but very nice. It had a nice bar on the roof top which lots of plants around and Bear thought this was a really nice place. Bear and OP had a beer. Of course. And OP told Bear about the place. They also started to talk to their waiter - it's very easy to start a conversation with people (waiters, salespersons, any staff,...) in Texas. First of all they always greet you with a "Hi, how are you?", which of course is a phrase, but it makes it so much easier to start a conversation. Especially if you have someone like OP with you who does talk to everyone :-) . Bear and OP had quite a nice chat with that waiter, he was nice and talkative.
After that beer Bear and OP got hungry (or rather OP as Bear hardly ever seemed to be hungry in Texas) and OP took Bear to a Mexican place where Bear again had a salad (probably with some bacon in it) and OP had something with shrimps - something he said he always ate there. OP made Bear have a bite. OP said it was not hot, Bear could trust him. Bear did. Bear had a bite. Bear's eyes were watering. Bear drank a lot of its beer. Of course it got worse. OP found it quite amusing. Bear didn't. Bear told OP that it would never trust him again. It hurt. And so it did for quite some while. That is what Texan people considered not hot.
After the meal OP found someone he knew and went talking to them while Bear waited outside had a cigarette and took some more photos of the nice surroundings. Then they went on strolling around a bit and then headed back home.

Later that night Bear and OP went out. There was a Hockey game on TV and OP wanted to watch it in a Bar. Unfortunately it was nearly at the end when they arrived at the bar. But OP could at least watch a bit of it. They had a beer. And something potatoey. They then decided to change bar and have a couple of pool games. And a couple of beers. Bear was not very happy that day and told OP that it needed to get drunk. And so Bear did. And Bear also won five games out of six. Approximately. But Bear definitely won a few games and OP just one. Ok, Bear sucks at pool billard but enjoys playing it. And Bear only won because OP made some mistakes. But Bear didn't care. Bear won. Bear was tipsy and Bear won a few pool games. Bear's day ended fine.