Samstag, 17. Mai 2008

Electricity is actually a good thing!

May 26th - May 27th 2008

So, this is Texas.

Bear saw OP for the first time in five or six years again. OP has been to Vienna visiting friends and Bear then.
They put Bear's luggage in the car and off they went to his sister's house. OP told Bear that for the first weekend they will spend their time there, as his power had been turned off and he figured that Bear wanted to take a warm shower after this long trip.
Bear saw American highways for the first time. Bear has been to San Francisco ten years ago, but has only seen the city at that time and not much of its surroundings. Different. Totally different to Austria's highways. So much wider, straighter and bigger. Well, everything is bigger in Texas, Bear has been told. As far as this was concerned, Bear agreed. And then Bear saw also American suburbs. Exactly how Bear imagined them and has seen them on TV. Actually, nearly everything Bear saw and experienced in Texas was exactly as Bear has seen on TV before...

They arrived at the house of OP's sister and Bear met her three dogs Snickers, Gidget and Whistle. Bear likes dogs - Bear also has dogs. But bigger ones. OP showed Bear around and told Bear that they were invited to a friend's birthday party later on, but would only go if Bear thinks it wouldn't be too tired. Bear took a shower, felt refreshed and not too tired and so they went to the party. It was in a bar one had to drive to. Bear realised that everywhere you wanted to go to in Texas, you had to take the car. Or at least everyone did.
Bear met the birthday girl and some other people who all were very friendly and talked to Bear a lot. Especially a young man who asked Bear a lot about Europe and the difference to Texas. Bear had some American beer (Bear drank only beer in Texas as obviously everyone thought Bear had to try American beer) and a cup cake which tasted quite similar to some Austrian sweet - though Bear can't think of which one.
All of a sudden the girl's toilet door opened (which was right beside their table) and two girls were in there fighting! Shouting and hitting each other. Bear just stared and thought: Wow! Everyone around ran in and tried to get the girls out of the toilet and seperate them. Bear has seen one or two fights in Austrian bars aswell, but at that time it was men who fought and never girls. *And* a big difference was that in Austria only friends would go in between and seperate the fighters or maybe call the security at the entrance to seperate them, but never has Bear seen others or nearly everyone going in between such a fight.
The people around Bear said: "Wow, your first night and you already witness a chick fight. Welcome to Texas!" Yeh, well if that is the way Bear's holiday would continue... It didn't, but it still was a very unusual but lovely holiday for Bear.Bear is not sure when they left the party, but it was late. At least it felt like that. Bear and OP talked for another two or three hours until they finally went to sleep. Bear slept pretty well that night.

~*°*~~*°*~~*°*~Don't you just *love* the smell of summer rain?!!~*°*~~*°*~~*°*~

The next day Bear and OP slept in and had a slow day recovering from the journey (well, it was Bear recovering and OP probably wasn't too sad about that either). OP made some breakfast, they had coffee and talked on the patio (Bear loves that word! *patio*).

~*°*~~*°*~~*°*~~*°*~~*°*~~*°*~~*°*~Ok, now the power has been off for the fifth time because of the thunderstorm. This can't be a good thing for the computer - apart from being very annoying - it took two hours to write the three lines above...~*°*~~*°*~~*°*~~*°*~~*°*~~*°*~~*°*~

Bear and OP did nothing that day apart from talking, watching some TV, relaxing, Bear did some trampoline-excercise. They did go to OP's flat at one point, so Bear could have a look at it in the daylight - which was a good thing for orientation later.
In the evening Bear and OP went to pick up Niki's (OP's sister) kids. Bear thought they were really cute and nice - not very shy either. Niki's daughter introduced Bear to her guinea pig and her son told Bear everything about the X-Box- or Playstation-game (Bear knows nothing about this) he was playing. Later on Bear and OP went to Dallas airport to pick his sister up who had been away that weekend (and that's why Bear and OP were able to stay in her house). Bear liked Niki - she was really nice and talkative.

Ok, so Sunday evening Bear finally moved into OP's flat. In the dark. Pretty difficult to find things then. Good thing OP told Bear before that they were going to go out with a friend later that night, so Bear was clever enough to put on make-up in the not-powerless house of Niki... *But* Bear did see a bit in OP's flat, because OP's friend - who they went out with later on - arrived at the flat before Bear and OP did and was so nice to put some candles on.

They went away in Andy's (OP's friend) car and during that ride they told Bear that tonight's plan was going to a strip-club!! Only if that was ok with Bear. If Bear didn't want to go, they would do something else. But Bear didn't mind. Bear has been to a strip-club in Vienna before. Not on purpose though. Bear's "friends" bought a male stripper for Bear's 30th birthday and that happened in a strip-club in Vienna. Bear did not really like it. But that's another story. So Bear said, it's ok to go to a strip-club.
Arriving there Bear learned that Andy used to work in that club as security and works now as a cop. At the entrance they had to show their IDs. Pretty stupid, Bear thought, as one could easily see that OP was older than 21 and Bear was also. But anyway. Bear showed its driving license which made the girl at the entrance nearly freak out because this Austrian driving license was "soooo cooool". Ok. Bear later got used to people freaking out by looking at its driving license...
The club was really nice. Bear liked it. Huge, with lots of stages, one main stage and lots of small tables around with extremely comfy chairs. Again Bear got some beer and they sat down at a table not too far away from the main stage. There were more guests than in the Viennese strip-club and also some female ones. The girls on the stages did really perform. Not like in Vienna. The girls in Vienna looked bored and hardly ever moved, but those girls in Texas did something! They danced, they performed, they moved and they didn't look bored. There was one very tall girl who danced at the pole did some moves Bear has only seen on TV so far. Wow. Bear was really impressed. So were OP and Andy. Bear sat there, mouth open and just watched. OP and Andy tried to get Bear to go to the stage and give that girl some dollars. They even gave Bear the dollar notes. But Bear refused. At one point they told Bear that if Bear wouldn't do it voluntarily, they would force Bear to do so. Andy was pretty tall and strong. Bear was afraid they would really force Bear to the stage. But they didn't. Though they did try to talk Bear into it for some while. But Bear was too shy and too afraid at that time. After all it was only Bear's second night in Texas! Later that week, Bear would have probably done it...
Anyway, they themselves did give that girl the dollars then. Bear was reliefed.

After another few beers for the guys (Bear had only one or two - Bear is a slow drinker) off they went back home. On the way back, they stopped at a gas station where OP got out to buy some cigarettes and so Andy and Bear could talk. Andy asked Bear if Bear was interested to go with him on a workshift during Bear's stay (reminder: Andy is a cop!) And Bear said "YES" without really thinking about it. Bear just thought: "Wow, riding with a cop in Texas. Who else could tell about an experience like that?!" Bear thinks that even Andy was a bit surprised that Bear agreed instantly. So they told OP about that and Andy said he would check with his boss and then Bear would have to come to the station before and sign some papers and getting checked on the computer - if Interpol or Scotland Yard was looking for Bear, Bear - of course - couldn't come. Good thing they never found out :-).
Back in OP's flat, Bear found it a bit hard to brush teeth and getting its lenses out without losing them in the dark, but Bear managed. Bed again. Bear thought that this was probably going to be the most unusual holiday ever: chick fight, strip-club and maybe riding with a cop... Wow. Bear was happy.