Sonntag, 18. Mai 2008

C'mon cattle! Have a Jalapeno!

Monday, May 28th 2008


Bear wanted to see the cattle at Stockyards. Fort Worth Stockyards is the national historic district where there are lots of Western Stores, a Rodeo place, Billy Bob's Texas and where they drive cattle along the streets twice a day. Hamish the Scottish Highland Coo wanted to see his Texan relatives - and so did Bear.
So Bear and OP headed off to Stockyards in OP's Mystery Machine. Not very many people on the streets there, but at least Bear saw its first Cowboy (or rather someone who wore a Cowboy-hat). They went around a bit, Bear took lots of pictures, read a few signs, talked to OP and then they sat down at the street to wait for the cattle.
There was a Cowboy-cop strolling along - it seemed the cattle-drive would start soon. And then they came. A few Cowboys on horses in front, behind and in between and a few Longhorns . Not many though. But there weren't many people on the streets either.
The Cowboy at the front always said: "Come on, cattle. Come on." And the cattle came. Slowly. Not looking left, not looking right they went along that street - Bear took pictures, Hamish got excited - and that was that. Bear imagined it a bit different. When Bear read about that it sounded like a real exciting thing: Cowboys galopping along, yelling "Yeehaww" and cattle running and mooing...
But anyway, Bear and Hamish got to see their cattle. And impressive horns they do have, Bear (and also Hamish) must admit!

After watching steaks on feet, OP suggested lunch (which was actually an early dinner, as it was about 5pm already). So they went to a place that looked like some Austrian Heuriger on the outside and ordered steak-burgers with French fries. And beer. Of course. Frosted. Bear is not really a fan of how the English (or British) serve most of their beer - warmish (not too often anymore, but still in some places), but *this* was ridiculous! The glasses - that looked like goblets - were frosted. Ice-cold! Bear could not even properly touch the glass.
The steak-burger was not incredibly good but ok. But along with it came a Jalapeno! Bear has seen those on TV already and knew what it was gonna taste like. And Bear is not really a fan of hot or spicy food. Definitely not hot. But Bear is also very curious (and a bit stupid). And OP said: "If you have a bite I am going to give you 50$." So Bear did have a bite. And another. And another. Bear's mouth hurt. But Bear was so brave and took three bites! The 150$, Bear never got...

veningAfter that meal, they wandered around a bit looking for Cowboy-hats, postcards and fridge magnets for Bear and then went back to the Mystery Machine. OP wanted to show Bear some really nice houses and a place he once wanted to buy. They drove around a quite nice area with pretty posh houses here and there. Bear was impressed. There was even an area where mostly students lived. OP told Bear that their parents bought the houses for them, they lived in it as long as they studied and then sold them. Incredible what kinds of cars Bear could see in front of those houses. Ok, nearly everyone in Texas has a pick-up-truck, but for heaven's sake these were only students!! Actually, what was really funny: one could see two to three huge cars in front of nearly every house. The house being not so big at all, rather small and it looked like the cars were bigger than the house!
Anyway, Bear and OP drove around that area for some while, Bear took lots of pictures and a video (which is not online yet) and then home.

For some reason Bear and OP were so incredibly tired that they went to bed instantly. It was only evening, but they felt like they couldn't keep their eyes open anymore. After only two hours or something, Bear woke up and saw the digital clock on the radio blinking. Bear watched it for about 30mins until it realised that this meant that the electricity was back on! Bear woke OP up and told him. OP was so glad about it that he went around the flat turning everything on and trying every electrical thing. Bear started to unpack its suitcase and have a shower.
Later that night they went to have another burger, a corny dog and bought some ice for the fridge. Bear learned that it is an American thing to carry ice around in a cup and eat it all the time. Bear thought that this was quite an annoying habit. *gulp*crack*crack*gulp*