Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2008

Logan's running with a gun

Tuesday, May 29th 2008
The only sightseeing-things Bear and OP did, they did on Tuesday and Wednesday. Since it was Bear's and also OP's holiday they started every day slow and relaxed. Also they went out a few times and Bear got to know lots of OP's - really nice! - friends and drove here and there around Fort Worth, so that there was not really lots of time to get out of Fort Worth. Doesn't matter. Bear will definitely come back! (Bear should maybe tell OP about that...)

So on Tuesday OP decided to take Bear downtown Fort Worth because Bear wanted to see the Water Gardens.
Bear read that the movie "Logan's Run" (in German: "Flucht ins 23. Jahrhundert") was partially filmed in malls in Fort Worth and Dallas and one of the last scenes in Fort Worth Water Gardens. That's when they finally make it into the outside world and meet their first elderly person.

Bear and OP rode in the Mystery Machine to downtown Fort Worth; OP explained the buildings they passed to Bear and they parked behind the Water Gardens. Before going into that urban park OP wanted to show Bear a bit around that part of downtown. Fort Worth only has about 5 sky scrapers and Bear likes sky scrapers. That's why Bear took a lot of pictuers of the same ones - it seemed to look different from every angle, though...
Weird thing they realised was that there were nearly no-one on the streets. Well, it was during the week and it was afternoon but still, streets were deserted. Where was everyone?
They wandered around a bit, OP pointed out the convention center and a fountain that had a statue of a lying panther on it. In the 1870ies Fort Worth was economically run-down for various reasons: no cattle, no railroad, decreasing population, ... it was a drowsy place. So drowsy that it made a panther lying asleep in the streets. When Fort Worth recovered economically many organisations called themselves "Panther" - hence "Pantherville" or "Panther City".
OP saw something on the telly that noon about a Cowboyhat-maker in Fort Worth and since Bear was looking for a Cowboyhat for itself and its friend Danielle, he decided to take Bear there. It was a very small store with loads of hats hanging around and at the back one could see how they were made. OP told the woman at the counter that he saw the store on TV earlier and that Bear is from Europe (exotic-Bear). She was very nice and explained things to Bear and OP and let them touch various hats made of various material and Bear was also allowed to take some pictures. Unfortunately Bear thought that as a holiday-pressie that will probably never ever be worn again even the cheapest hats were too expensive and decided not to buy any. Though one must admit that Bear did look good with that pinkish Cowboyhat - a Cowbear!
Btw: it cooled down to 11°C here and my heating is back on - in May! Just thought I'd let you know...
Bear and OP got hungry and went into some sandwich-bar. OP wanted to act a bit healthy and ordered a salad, Bear was as usual not too healthy and had a BLT-Sandwich with crisps (Bear didn't know about the crisps before!!) and a smoothie. Bear just loves bacon, that's why Bear always had a bacon burger or bacon sandwich or bacon... It was a good BLT-Sandwich. OP told Bear that the ones he does himself are the best. So the next day he made one for Bear and of course it was *so much better*!! (No, honestly! It was really good!! But just give Bear anything that contains bacon and Bear'll love it...)
Anyway, after having lunch (what do you call lunch when you have it at about 4pm? dunch? as in dinner+lunch?) Btw: for the non-British-American-food-knowers: BLT-sandwich = bacon, lettuce, tomatoe-sandwich. *yummie*

After that they went on towards the convention center, passed (again) some Methodists (Bear thinks... and is definitely not sure if this is the correct link) who had a ... convention! there. They sold some things in the center - Bear and OP walked through - and they had a preacher somewhere outside preaching (first time Bear saw something like this!). But since this was not too exciting, Bear and OP went on to the Water Gardens and wandered around there. Unfortunately they didn't have all the water running, which would have looked a lot cooler, but it was nice anyway. Apart from being made of concrete. Which is rather unusual for a park. But it was an urban park. So maybe that's why. And there was supposed to be much water running various ways. (Well, down of course, but coming from various sides...) And that would probably be not easy if the park was made of grass and with bushes and trees... anyway. Bear wanted to see it and Bear saw it. And Bear made a lot of pictures. After all Michael York and Peter Ustinov once stood there. Somewhere in there.
After climbing the highest spot, sitting down and looking around a bit for 5mins, Bear and OP headed back to the Mystery Machine and went home. There was a game of Tennis waiting for OP and he didn't want to be too late. Bear watched it for a short while, but got cold at one point and went back to the flat. So Bear never really got who won...

Later that night Bear and OP met Andy the cop for dinner. Andy wanted to take them out for dinner. They went into some place that did look a bit like a diner. Though Bear thinks it wasn't one. But it reminded Bear a wee bit of those. Unfortunately Bear was not very hungry. Bear had only eaten the BLT-sandwich that day (and of course breakfast, since OP made breakfast everyday for Bear) but still. Bear was not hungry. But Bear agreed on having a potatoe soup which was so good!!! Bear loved it. And then Bear decided to go right for the desert. Which was ok, since Bear would not eat a lot anyway during that week. It was some cake-y, white chocolate-y, vanilla-ice-cream-y sort of thing. The white chocolate being in, on and around the cake. It was far too heavy for a dinner desert. And far too much for Bear. But Bear stuffed itself. It was just so good. Bear loved it.
(Another hint to catch a HimBear: bacon and chocolate - not necessarily together)

Bear felt a bit sick after eating that huge thing. Bear couldn't move properly anymore. But on they went to Andy's flat. Where they met Andy's newborn baby. And someone else who shortly afterwards left. It was a relaxed evening. Some beer, some cigarettes, some talking. Until Andy decided to show Bear his gun. Bear first was not too keen on that, but Andy insisted. So Bear followed him to the kitchen where Andy showed Bear a "glock", made in Austria. Andy explained it to Bear and wanted Bear to hold it. Bear didn't want to. Andy told Bear to relax as he had taken every precaution and Bear didn't have to worry, so Bear hold it then. Bear felt uncomfortable. It was heavy. Bear didn't like to hold it. Bear wanted to give it back, but Andy wanted to make a picture what Bear nearly freaked out and Bear said: "No way. Imagine anyone in Austria seeing this!" Bear gave it back and then went back onto the patio (that word!!) had a cigarette, being quite tense and telling OP and Andy's girlfriend that Bear just held a gun for the first time in its life.
So that was that. Another unusual ending for one of Bear's holi-days.