Sonntag, 8. Juni 2008

Bad boys, bad boys...

Saturday, May 3rd 2008

Bear will not tell everything in detail as this was Andy's work and not just a tourist attraction. It was definitely a highlight of Bear's unusual holiday - if you want to know what happened, Bear will tell you personally.
10am, OP dropped Bear off at Sansom Park police station. Andy already waited in the car and told OP to pick Bear up again at 6pm. Bear got in the car and looked around. Lots of stuff in there.
At first Bear was pretty quiet and silent. Andy told Bear a few things of his work and said that Bear could ask any time and any question it would have. Bear thought it would rather not interrupt Andy at work, but Andy was pretty cool about that and after a few hours they got on very well. And Bear was not too shy any more.
Bear and Andy talked about quite a few things: about Bear's holiday, about OP, about Andy, about Bear's life, about Andy's life, about lots of things.

Bear and Andy also did quite a few things: most of the time they were on the road checking cars. In the US the police is not allowed to stop a driver without a reason. In Austria they stop cars just to check them - that would be the reason then. But in the US they won't just stop a car to check on it - there has to be a reason and in that case the reason could be a sticker on the wrong side of the car or the plate hanging lose. Reasons that in Austria would cause the driver smiling at the police :-) and the police probably grinning back. Anyway a lot of cars got stopped during that day, quite a few people had to get out and Bear could not believe it, but the things about not moving, getting checked for weapons, having to put your hands above the head... all those things the Europeans only see on TV - it's true!
Bear also got to play with the speed camera - Andy explained it and Bear tried it. Was good fun. Unfortunately Bear didn't catch any speeders. First of all Andy wouldn't have been allowed to stop them because Bear had the speed camera and secondly they were all openly standing at the highway - everyone could see the police car. One would have had to be very stupid to go too fast then. Later Andy and Bear hid somewhere and Andy did catch a speeder.
At one point Andy also tried to get some drug-dogs (or whatever you call the dogs that sniff for drugs) but since it was a Saturday some of them were on the weekend and the others occupied.
Andy showed Bear a video of his last car chase and Bear hoped that a thing like that wouldn't happen that day. (It didn't and Andy wouldn't have let Bear join it anyway) Bear also got invited for lunch by Andy. It was Mexican food and Bear let Andy order it as Bear had no idea what to eat. It was something with refried beans (?), something Burrito- or Taco- or whatever-style ... but it was very good. Bear liked it.
Andy also showed Bear around that area a bit especially a hill where one could look across Fort Worth and where couples would come at night to make out :-)
When they had a small break at the police station, Bear talked to the firemen (volunteers) and made some nice pictures of them and the police cars and fire engines.
Lots of things they did that day and Bear was getting pretty tired, though it sat in the car most of the time watching Andy working and listening to him as he always turned some speaker in the car on when he left it. So Bear could follow (or try to) the conversation he had with the drivers he pulled over (which were quite a lot actually!) At the end of the day someone even got arrested! And Bear was right there watching it all and not getting for a whole hour why that guy was arrested and put in jail. Bear was pretty frightened about that but it all turned out to be quite harmless at the end. Still Bear thought that this was an extremely exciting day and was *very* happy when OP finally showed up at 6pm to pick Bear up again.

Ok, Bear is definitely not into soccer at all but still watching the Europe championship at the moment: Austria vs. Poland and Bear must admit: it is not boring at all! And Austria really tries hard, though it's 1:0 for Poland atm. That goal was more an accident than really meant to be, but still. Even Bear gets that.

So what is the big difference between US-police and police in Austria? First of all the US-police has a whole different attitude and appearance than Austrian police and US citizens react to the police with a lot more respect than Austrians would towards Austrian police. Which does not mean that Austrians don't have any respect for the police, but well... it's different :-) Bear thinks that the uniforms and weapons the US-police wear also makes a lot difference. Do Austrian policemen carry a gun around all the time? Bear doesn't think so.
Well, to sum it all up: it was a great day and Bear thanks Andy a lot for taking it with him that day!!

After that tiring day OP, Andy and Bear went to the Texas Steakhouse for dinner. They stood outside for quite a while and the guys talked until Bear at one point asked why they didn't go inside and eat. Andy told Bear that they had to wait until there were free seats and Bear asked how they would know that there is a free place when they stand outside all the time. Andy pointed at a display outside showing numbers. Bear felt a bit blonde. But hey, how should have Bear known?!
Finally they did get a table and their waiter was very nice and talkative. Bear asked OP and Andy to order for Bear as Bear - again - had no idea which would be a good steak to have. Bear had not had steak before. Andy orderd for Bear - again. And a good order it was. Bear had a lovely steak, medium, with vegetables and also did eat Andy's green beans. First day that Bear had food twice. But that working day with Andy made Bear very hungry. And very tired. Bear slept so well that night.