Dienstag, 3. Juni 2008

Billy Bob's lazy day

Friday, May 2nd 2008

Morning - Afternoon
Friday was an extremely lazy day. Bear and OP got up very late, had some breakfast on the patio (*patio*patio*), read the newspaper, talked and basically did nothing that day. Later on OP had some friends a visiting - a nice young couple who also sat down on the ... PATIO... and talked while Bear had a shower and freshened up a bit. They then decided to go to Kincaid's Hamburgers where Bear had a bacon burger, of course and for the first time realised that one gets free refills of every drink in Texas. Clever thing! Buy a drink and refill it as often as you like. Bear only discovered one McDonald's in Vienna on Mariahilfer Straße where they have free refills also.

After going back home, OP and his friends played on the X-Box and talked while Bear caught up on its emails and did tell a few people that it was fine and enjoying itself. Bear only sent one text after arriving in Texas to its parents and then sent nothing up until this Friday. Bear got a text from its daddy Thursday night asking if it was still alive. And some of Bear's other friends also texted asking if Bear was ok since they hadn't heard anything for a whole week. Well, Bear was enjoying itself so much that it simply forgot that there might be some people in Europe worrying... Anyway, Bear wrote some emails, sent some textes, tried to blog (which did not really work as Bear was too lazy to write in detail), surfed the web for a while, wrote some postcards, tried to write in its diary (did not work either), listened to music on its mobile and sang along. Oh yeh, and most of that on the patio of course. Bear did not really pay attention but saw some more people coming and leaving aswell. But Bear liked doing nothing, just sitting on the p.a.t.i.o. and listening to music.
So, this was really a lazy day.

Later that night Bear and OP went out to Billy Bob's Texas. Billy Bob's is a huge place in the Stockyards with bars, live bands, pool tables, mechanical bulls and real rodeo and one can do some country dance there. Bear read about that on the net and also the Texan guys Bear talked to at Heathrow airport told Bear to go there. So OP got his cowboy-y things out: jeans, white shirt, Cowboy-boots and Bear dressed up a bit and off they went to the Stockyards. Bear thought that OP looked really yummie - and a few other girls at Billy Bob's thought so also - Bear saw their looks when they passed them.
They had to pay 10$ each for entrance because of some live band playing there, wandered around a bit, looked for a sticker they saw on a car when getting there: "Welcome to Texas - Now go home!". Bear thought this was really funny and would have wanted to have a sticker like that. But at that souvenir-shop they only had Billy Bob's-things. So they got themselves a beer and sat down at a table close to the dance floor and watched people dancing. It was Friday night but there were not really a lot of people. Unfortunately. But that was probably also because the whole place was so immensly huge, that it would have taken a lot more people to crowd it up. Anyway Bear got to hear some folk/country music and got to see some Cowboys and Cowgirls dancing. Now the Texas Two Step really is a funny dance to watch. Especially for someone who is from a country that claims it sort of invented ballroom dancing. What was the funniest thing, Bear thought, was the way the dancing couple held each other. First of all you bend your body forward towards your pardner, so that the chests are pressing against the other one. Then the girl has her left hand on the man's shoulder and the man grabs the girl with his right hand around her neck! This is obviously the way they lead the girls. It sometimes looked as if they were about to strangle the girl instead of leading on the dancefloor! Well, the whole dance looked really funny, sometimes as if they were not so sure what they were supposed to do but kinda knew theoretically how to do it.
OP left Bear for a short while and Bear was really frightened that one of the Cowboys asked Bear to dance, because he was looking at Bear all the time. But fortunately he didn't. So Bear continued watching and making a video (which will be online as soon as Bear figures how to) and OP did come back with some Tacos which Bear had to eat with its hands as OP did not allow Bear to use the fork. He also offered Bear another Jalapeno, but since Bear never got the 150$ from the first Jalapeno it ate, it refused to try that one.
There was a female couple dancing where one of the girls obviously knew what to do and she showed the other girl. Bear watched them for a while and suddenly the girl fell on the floor. Or at least that's what Bear thought, but it was a dancing figure where that girl threw herself onto the floor, landing on her butt, turning round and during that turn stood back up again. Now that looked cool!

Bear and OP watched for a while, but at one point OP obviously got bored. OP is not that much into country music. So he asked Bear if they wanted to leave and since Bear had to get up quite early (for a holiday that is) the next morning to be on its date for a cop ride the next morning, Bear decided that it was time to leave aswell. Off they went back home. Bear liked country music. Bear also liked to watch country dance. Looked funny. But the next day was going to be a real highlight.