Sonntag, 23. November 2008

Bears don't do swimming

Since Bear cannot join Bollywood-Dance-classes anymore because they changed the date, Bear decided to do Aquafitness. Every Tuesday morning. Bear knows how to swim. Bear might not be perfect, but Bear is able to keep her head above waterlevel. Bear did swimming classes in school for two years. Bear even passed the exam for lifeguard-helper.
But, hell, Aquafitness is nothing like swimming! Not at all! One hour without touching ground jogging and pushing and pulling and struggling, ... exhausting!!! ...
Especially if we use some tools to make it even worse. Like those kickboards (floats) for example. Made of foam and supposed to swim. But hey, swimming with this would be to easy. So we are supposed to stand on it. Under water. Not touching ground. Try that! While floating in the water, try to push that foam-kickboard under water to stand on it and then bend knees and straighten them again. Bear tried. Somehow everyone else seemed to be able to do it. Except for Bear. Bear managed to put on foot onto that board. And as she wanted to place the other one on it that kickboard catapulted itself out of the water, swooooshed over the heads of two other swimmer right into the face of a third one... Weeelll... That day, Bear had no problems in making new contacts. Bear had to get her board so often and apologise a hundred times for hitting others... Thank God that thing is made of foam!

Sonntag, 16. November 2008

Bearly film reviews

Bear went to the cinema a few times during the last year. These are the reviews:


"Living out loud: Mike Leighs liebevolles Porträt einer grenzenlosen Optimistin ist einer der schönsten Filme des Jahres." (Kurt Zechner, Skip) ~ Living out loud: a fond portrait of a boundless optimist is one of the lovliest movies of the year.

boundless optimist: yes
fond portrait: hmm... probably
one of the lovliest movies of the year: Bear hopes not!!

Bear loves british movies. Above all the comedies are great and the romantic movies. In this case Bear expected something else. Bear expected a funny movie with some love and comedy. But, ok. It wasn't. Unfortunetly far too long (even though only about 1,5 hrs). It was often pretty boring. And Bear would have rather called it a social analysis than a romantic comedy. A social analysis of the british lower middle class. Interestingly Bear did get to know most of the types of people portraied in that movie. Everyone except Poppy. Bear is perfectly sure that people like Poppy do not exist. People like Poppy will be striked to death after five minutes with them. Or they do not have any friends - no-one in their right minds would like to be longer in the presence with someone like Poppy.
Her quick-wittedness is pretty admirable - very good punchlines sometimes. Although Bear doubts that someone like Poppy (Poppy!! What kind of nickname is that?!) is capable of punchlines like these...
Well, nice social analysis but definitely not the lovliest and best movie of the year!!

Mamma Mia!

Definitely recommendable!!
If you like Musicals and you don't loath ABBA, then this is the easy going, easy listening, easy watching summer comedy to watch. Go, watch it in Original Version (not dubbed) - it's really easy to understand!
One is not you used to Meryl Streep playing a part like this but one buys it completely. Everyone - except for Pierce Brosnan - are pretty good singers or let's say not perfectly wrong. Pierce's singing is so incredibly horrible it just adds to the whole charme...
Interesting how a story could be written around the songs - and it works so well! Pretty often single lines did go along with the scenes - Bear adores it when filmmakers are cabable of that. Almost all of the time one had the feeling that the actores had so much fun while doing the movie. From time to time one also couldn't help the feeling that there was no script, just improvising. Delicious slapstick, wordplay, very good cast.

Bear was absolutely thrilled. One leaves the cinema and wants to dance and sing and go to Greece for a holiday. Bear thinks of it as *the* feel good movie of the year!

Sweeney Todd

Not really recommendable. Unfortunately.
Tim Burton is usually very grim and funny with his puppet movies - although Bear is not a huge fan, but Bear did like "A nightmare before Christmas" and "Corpse Bride! - unfortunately this was incredibly boring and up from the second half just disgusting. Not even Alan nor Johnny could help it.
Alan Rickman (Snape in "Harry Potter") is a very good singer, Johnny Depp ("Pirates of the Carribean") rather bad. At least he looks good with this hairdo and the leathercoat. Sasha Baron Cohen ("Ali G.") Bear did not recognise. And Helena Bonham Carter (in every Tim Burton movie because he is her lover) is ... well, just Helena Bonham Carter. They all did act very well, but Bear thinks it lacks of content and script. Sometimes - though very rarely - one recognises a bit Tim Burton (rather in the words the anything else); his macabre and funny side, unfortunately not too often.

Bear did watch it dubbed. The words of the songs are not very well translated - sometimes even wrong. Although it doesn't matter anymore. Boring. Disgusting. What a pitty.

The X-Files (movie)

Bear is an X-Files fan. Only this time Bear was pretty disappointed.
Either it's been too long of a time since the series was on TV and Bear is not so much up-to-date anymore or the movie was simply really bad. Bear fears it's the latter.

Scully is totally weak and Mulder to easy to inspire to do things. Skinner did turn up at the end for... for what exactly? Just to be in it? And Bear could just not understand why XZibit was in the movie (because of the X?). And what kind of story was that?? Frankenstein's monster, the two-headed Cerberus - very original. Billy Connolly (scottish comedian, "Her Majesty Mrs Brown") was good as usual but here Bear also wonders why they did come up with the story of the paedophilliac priest all the time. Just to have something for Scully to fight for or against?! But what was his bond to Frankenstein?
The whole thing did not even make Bear go "Huh". Nothing at all. What a pitty. TV-series should stay to be TV-series and never become movies...

Montag, 3. November 2008

All Hallow's Eve

Happy belated Halloween!