Sonntag, 23. November 2008

Bears don't do swimming

Since Bear cannot join Bollywood-Dance-classes anymore because they changed the date, Bear decided to do Aquafitness. Every Tuesday morning. Bear knows how to swim. Bear might not be perfect, but Bear is able to keep her head above waterlevel. Bear did swimming classes in school for two years. Bear even passed the exam for lifeguard-helper.
But, hell, Aquafitness is nothing like swimming! Not at all! One hour without touching ground jogging and pushing and pulling and struggling, ... exhausting!!! ...
Especially if we use some tools to make it even worse. Like those kickboards (floats) for example. Made of foam and supposed to swim. But hey, swimming with this would be to easy. So we are supposed to stand on it. Under water. Not touching ground. Try that! While floating in the water, try to push that foam-kickboard under water to stand on it and then bend knees and straighten them again. Bear tried. Somehow everyone else seemed to be able to do it. Except for Bear. Bear managed to put on foot onto that board. And as she wanted to place the other one on it that kickboard catapulted itself out of the water, swooooshed over the heads of two other swimmer right into the face of a third one... Weeelll... That day, Bear had no problems in making new contacts. Bear had to get her board so often and apologise a hundred times for hitting others... Thank God that thing is made of foam!