Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2008

Horns, masks, wild creatures and a happy Bear

Bear dragged Eva along to a "Perchtenlauf" in Hollabrunn on 29th of Nov. Bear has a Perchten-Fetish she guesses. Bear luuuvs those creatures. Eva doesn't. Eva is extremely afraid. Bear doesn't understand why.

Anyway, Bear dragged Eva along. Lots of people there. And quite some time to wait. Fortunately it was not too cold. Bear told Eva as much as she could about this tradition. They are supposed to chase old and bad spirits of the old year away and bring luck. When they hit you (and they hit especially only young girls and women) you're supposed to find a man in the following year.

Eva got hit a few times. So did Bear.
Bear loved it! Eva didn't! Although she is happy now, that Bear forced her having a picture taken with one of those creatures. Lots of them were there. About five groups. And the really good thing about this in Hollabrunn is, that they run around free. Of course there is Security but they are mainly concentrated on the Perchten. As they don't see much with those masks and their costumes are very heavy along with the bells. One could easily burn them with a cigarette or something... Anyway, they run around free. And that's good. Bear cannot explain properly what she likes so much about it. It's probably the wild, animalic charisma that engages them. For Bear it's very manly. And very desenchanting when they take their masks off. For Eva it's relieving.
And as for the small children. None of them was afraid! Not the slightest bit. And the Perchten were very nice to the children. Stroke their heads, let them touch their masks and carry them around.

Bear needs to get a mask of her own. A cruel, frightening looking and horny one...

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