Montag, 15. Dezember 2008

Nervous breakdown

Bear is really close to a nervous breakdown. Bear had to go to uni before going to work to pick up some books. Shortly before Bear arrived at university, Bear noticed the front of her car smoking. Bear parked, opened the front and saw the cooling system smoking. And dripping. No other signs of over heating. Bear couldn't believe it.

Bear had her car in the garage on Friday (today is Monday). Because of new glow plugs Bear needed. Bear's car wouldn't start anymore after resting for two days. Bear had the ÖAMTC coming helping her to start and telling her that she would need new glow plugs.
That was actually the fifth time Bear's car was in the garage. Bear bought that car at the beginning of September. And it had already been to the garage for f*cking five times. First the plug of the front lights melted away. Then Bear had to have the brakes repaired. After that the rear end of the muffler (exhaust pipe) broke. Then the front of the muffler broke. (Both in the middle of the night of course). And last week Bear needed the new glow plugs. And now the cooling system broke down. Bear was close to tears. Well, actually Bear was not close anymore, Bear was in tears. Why oh why does Bear have to have such a wreck?!! Bear had to get rid off her Mini because she couldn't afford the repairs that had to be done. But looking at that wreck of a car Bear now has, she should have just sticked to the Mini... too late now.

Bear had the ÖAMTC coming. Again. At least Bear knows now what she is paying for monthly... He was really quick and really nice. And thank God and every saint that watches over Bear and her cars, it was only a tube to the cooling system that was broken. He could repair that. Bear needn't go to the garage again. Bear was happy. Though still in tears and close to breaking down, but happy that it was so easily done.

Bear hates that car. Next time anything will happen to that wreck, Bear will just smash it into the next wall. And wreck it. Completely. Once for all.