Samstag, 28. März 2009

Bear walks the High Society

Bear had the possibility to join some kind of high society event on Friday, 13th of March in the monastery of Und in the lovely area of Wachau. A friend of Bear's best friend Eva, who is winemaker, invited us to that event.
The monastery did some renovation work and celebrated the finishing with music, a fashion show, some lovely cooking, whiskey tasting, wine tasting, ...

That's what the (german) invitation said: Am Freitag, dem 13. März 2009, präsentiert sich das historische Kloster UND nach behutsamen Umbauarbeiten als frische, moderne Eventlocation. Genuss, Life-Style, Kunst, Kultur sowie Räumlichkeiten mit außergewöhnlicher Atmosphäre und höchster technischer Ausstattung, werden an diesem geschichtsträchtigen Ort vereint. Mit einem ausgewählten Programm und beeindruckenden Inszenierungen – von 16 Uhr bis spät in die Nacht hinein – zeigt das Kloster UND seine vielfältige Wandelbarkeit.

Bear picked Eva up at the railway station in Stockerau and off they drove to Krems. For once in Bear's life they were perfectly on time. When they arrived one could already see that this was going to be a good event. Lots of photographers around and a few TV cameras also. They waited for Eva's friend who arrived a bit later. In the meantime Bear noticed a friend's ex-boyfriend - someone Bear had hated all those years. As Bear realised that he carried a camera and was obviously there to make pictures, Bear called him over just to point out that Bear was invited to that event and he wasn't. :-) Bear was satisfied. Mission one accomplished: make sure to point out that Bear was there.

Eva's friend arrived and they went inside. He knew everyone. Of course. UND is a monastery famous for its wine and wine tasting and this was his area. They went to some wine tasting. Everyone was dead serious and quietly standing around, listening to the explanations and gurgling and spitting wine. Eva drank it. So did Bear. But not much, as Bear wanted to drive home later that night. After about five minutes Bear managed to lighten up the whole situation as she was loudly chatting and laughing with the ones sharing their table. Mission two accomplished: make sure Bear gets noticed.

They then went around a bit, having a look here and there and went to get some food. First thing they found was scallops. Bear never tried those before, but they were really good. And then they found oyster. And champagne. Bear thought: nice! Bear always wanted to try oysters. Bear did. Tastes like.... sea. Fishy. Salty. Nothing exciting. It is a bit of a challenge to actually swallow something glibbery. Wibbling and wobbling around. But... well... Bear was disappointed. Mission three accomplished: try something new.

They went to have a cigarette and talk to some people. Well, actually it was Eva's friend who talked to people as Eva and Bear knew no-one. Not yet. They got introduced. Nice wine makers around there. Friendly, talkative, fun. Bear then asked Eva's friend if he would find it very embarrassing if Bear asked to get a picture later together with Toni Mörwald (who cooked there) and/or some other celebrity. He was not. Not at all. He went off immediately to the kitchen to get Toni to tell him that a friend wanted a picture taken. Bear was a bit astonished that it was so easy and no-one was giving her a look. Bear was satisfied. Mission four accomplished: get pictures taken with celebrities.

Eva wanted to taste some whiskey. So they went to look for the room where the whiskey was tasted. They stumbled into a foto shooting of some of the models for the following fashion show and finally found the room. Good Lord, when opening the door one was immediately drunk just by the smell of the whiskey! The room was far too small for far too many people with far too many open bottles. Bear felt a bit sick. Eva tried some whiskey and then someone came up and told her to try the one he just had in his hands. It was supposed to be very smokey. Eva had a bit of it and nearly wanted to spit it out again. She called out: "UUaaaaahhh! Disgusting!!" Bear agreed. The man who offered the whiskey explained it tasted like when standing in front of a chimney and inhaling the smoke. It really did. That was a good description of that whiskey. It was Austrian made whiskey btw. All of it. Bear doesn't like whiskey. No matter what nationality... Mission five accomplished: get sick just by the smell of something.

It was time for food again. So they went back to the inner court yard which had a roof and was also heated because the food was there, grabbed a table and Eva and Bear looked around for food. A waitress came up with something like goose pastete and some other things, Bear was not keen on trying. Eva and her friend did, Bear skipped that part.
But since Bear was hungry, Eva and she went to the buffet to see what was there to get and Bear got some lovely things to eat. Bear does not really remember all of it, but it was nice. Time for dessert. Off they went again to get some dessert. They stood at the buffet when the waiter asked what Bear wanted and Bear replied: "A bit of everything, please." Eva interrupted and said she wanted to know first, what the things were. So the waiter explained, Eva listened and Bear waited. When he finished he looked at Eva and Eva said she had to figure out first what she wanted, so he then asked Bear again and Bear replied once more: "A bit of everything, please", and handed her small dessert plate over. He grinned and said: "Let's have a bigger plate then, shall we?!" and put a bit of everything onto a big plate for Bear. Eva got a small plate and a little bit of a few things and they went back to their table where a lot of other winemakers stood around and talked and said something like: "So did you get your dessert then?" when Eva smiled and Bear came up with her huge plate. Mission six accomplished: show you're not embarassed by eating too much.

Well, it's been ages, since Bear started this post and doesn't remember quite all of it. Anyway it was a good night, Bear got pictures taken with Toni Mörwald and Florian Scheuba and got to know the PowerPipes.
Interesting night it was.